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Thanks for considering our headshot photography. We know you have many headshot options. We aim to provide top-notch photos with unbeatable service.

We care a lot about making sure every photo is as great as can be. So we pay attention to the details when it comes to scheduling, shooting your headshot, and delivering your finished photo so you can use it on your website, LinkedIn, etc.

Here is a look at our process so you'll know what to expect when working with us:

First, we have clients with different needs. People who need headshots taken in their offices, and those who need a headshot done in our studio.

To best serve each group, we provide two pricing options:

For companies, law firms, hospitals & tech firms we do photos in your offices

Office headshots cost $297.

You can have your headshot done at our Madison Park studio with free parking and quick service.

Studio headshots cost $297.

Monday Morning Headshot Happy Hour: 10% discount Between 9:00AM and 12:00pm.

For all headshots: Lightroom Processing costs $39 and Photoshop touch-ups cost $39 (optional).

WA State Tax is add'l. Visa / MasterCard / American Express accepted

Do you have headshot questions?
Receive fast email answers:

Email us at:

Please call (206) 778-4424 with any questions.

We will get back to you very soon.

We strive to make your experience easy and stress-free.

Here is what you can expect:

1. When you call to book your headshot session we ask for your name and email address. We send you an email confirmation at the time of scheduling.

2. We request a $100 non-refundable deposit to secure your photo shoot. You can make this deposit by Visa/Mastercard or Amex.

3. We send all clients a PDF with "Suggestions on Looking Your Best: 10 Tips to a Great Headshot.

4. One day before your photo shoot we send you a reminder email.

5. Following your photo shoot you will receive a high resolution digital photo in JPEG format and also a free LinkedIn headshot, cropped and ready for upload to your business profile.

Please Call us at (206) 778-4424 with your questions. We are here and always happy to help!

"There is no way to improve the photo he took of me! I look like Clark Gable, Prince William, Omar Shariff and Cary Grant combined!!"

-- Charles S. Burdell, Judicial Dispute Resolution LLC
"This is the best picture that's ever been taken of me."

-- Jack Soltys, Cozen O'Connor LLP
"Very solid work from our photographer, and will be used in future media, ads, etc."

--Steve Graham, Fenwick & West LLP.

"I have gone through a few of the proofs and all I have to say is these are amazing. Everyone looks really terrific and our website is going to be awesome."

--Wendy Cochran, Pfau Cochran Vertetis Amala

"Dear Amy: We are extremely pleased with the photos and even more impressed with Jeff. His demeanor and attitude with handling the entire situation was fun, yet very professional. He managed to make even Mr. Hallett smile! What a terrific recommendation - thank you!"

--Connie Tang, Chicoine & Hallett LLP

"Jeff, it was really great working with you. Your photographs are fantastic and the experience one of a kind. Thank you again."

--Joshua Brower, Veris Law Group


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